Q: Do I have to add a "Request Delivery Stop" to my cart?

A: No, the "Request Delivery Stop" is only if you are not ordering specific items and just want to let us know to have your driver check in with you on his next run. This is a quick and convenient way to get 5 gallon or 1 gallon 'Blue Label' water only, as our trucks are fully stocked with just those items.

Q: Can I pay for my order online?

A: Sure, we offer a Visa/MasterCard (credit card or debit card) payment option securely on our checkout page. However; if you're ordering for delivery in New Providence, our drivers accept cash, personal cheques and of course, Aquapure Coupons. Simply choose your preferred payment option at checkout.

Q: Do you offer credit accounts?

A: For high volume commercial customers, we can set-up a monthly credit account. For more info contact us.

Q: Do you ship to the Family Islands?

A: Certainly! We'll deliver your order to the mail boat of your choice (specify in "Add special instructions" section in your Cart before proceeding to 'Checkout'). Mail boat shipping charges will be payable by you upon delivery. Product(s) ordered online for Family Island delivery will need to be prepaid by choosing the credit card payment option at checkout or mailing a cheque or wiring funds to us. Please write your order number on the cheque. Click Here for wiring instructions.

Q: Is my well water safe to drink?

A: Wells on New Providence are increasingly becoming contaminated as urban development grows and the water lens is over burdened. E coli and fecal e coli bacteria are surprisingly common, and dangerous to your health. We urge everyone to do a chemical and bacterial analysis of their well every year (more often if contamination is detected). If contamination is detected, you can treat the well and have it retested. A healthy well is a blessing, a contaminated well will adversely affect your health long before you're able to smell or taste the contamination! Be Sure. Test it with Aquapure! Click Here.

Be Sure. Aquapure.